What is dentemax fee schedule ?

Dentemax fee schedule know if you genital fit or looked at it or not but there are three things in there that Google is now using to split test against other dentemax fee schedule websites to see who deserves to be ranked on the front page of Google .

dentemax fee schedule
dentemax fee schedule

dentemax fee schedule Okay that is the number of visits the number of uniques the time on site and the number of pages viewed in the bounce rate okaying built four factors number visitors time on site pages view and bounce rate and what we have happening with mobile phones now is many times a mobile phone

user will hit your front page click your number to call you and that’s the only thing they do on your entire website and when that happens and it’s apple with more frequency because I adventure is somewhere between thirty and forty percent of all your website traffic malice mobile it’s knocking

down those internal staff dentemax fee schedule  that Google is using to split test against other competing dentists okay and so this is something really really to watch out for now we have ways to counteract that i’m not going to share it on this webinar because it’s really something only for our clients but we have a way of

boosting up all event stop seeing your bounce rate now i’m bout to vegas when they land on one page of your site and go no deeper okay so they hit the front page and week that means they bounce stop your site without exploring any of your other content okay and so that’s not what you want when

they’re when they’re doing this kind of stuff dentemax fee schedule sorts of eight and a half percent of vocals position comes from personalizations uniqueness of your website and business