Best Individual Dental Insurance

What care do I need?

  • Ask yourself if you need routine dental care or specific dental care that will require broader warranties. Also check if your teething is exposed to risks, for example with the practice of a sport.

What type of refund?

  • Study the reimbursements offered by dental supplements. They are distinguished in two categories: the reimbursement in percentage.
Best Individual Dental Insurance
Best Individual Dental Insurance
  • (according to what the Social Security reimburses) and the reimbursement in fixed price (according to a certain periodicity).
  • You can benefit from both percentage and flat rate reimbursements for the same dental health insurance.

Do I need full dental health insurance with no ceiling?

  • Take the time to find out if you want good or the best dental health insurance possible.
  • based on the care you have or should need in the coming years.
  • What waiting period?
  • Choose your health insurance according to the waiting period that you can probably accept.
  • It represents the few months when the dental expenses will not be refunded (on average: 3 to 12 months).
  • Be aware though that you can try to negotiate this waiting period either by showing that you are in good health,
  • or by engaging with your insurer over a longer period of time if you need immediate care.